July 9, 2014


Our partners

The Pear Tree Project

Peartree-smallThe Pear Tree Project aims to provide new opportunities to communities in developing countries through increasing their IT capacity. Expanding IT education and training can empower individuals to access new knowledge and skills, and improve their employment prospects.

Pear Tree is seeking to assist ICCES by:

  • Equipping the regional office, which currently runs without computers, a photocopier or a landline.
  • Sourcing and installing computers for each training centre along with appropriate software and supporting systems
  • Supporting IT training for teaching and administrative staff

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Ashanti ICCES Alumni (AIA)

The AIA is a network of former ICCES volunteers who stay in touch, fundraise and provide consultative support to Onechild Ghana.

Ashanti ICCES Regional Office

Onechild Ghana works closely with Nana Boateng, Director of Ashanti ICCES. Onechild Ghana funds some administrative resources for the regional office and liaises with Nana Boateng who provides oversight for the projects we fund.

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