July 9, 2014



Centre Infrastructure

Onechild Ghana invests in ICCES centre infrastructure such as student hostels, workshops and classrooms. Building accommodation blocks mean that students have a safe environment to live in and allows them to spend their school fees on educational resources. New classrooms and workshops give the students the educational facilities to learn.

Student Scholarships

Onechild provides scholarships to students demonstrating potential and commitment to study, but who do not have the means to fund themselves. Our scholarships cover the entire education within ICCES, three years of school fees, exam costs, and in some cases, accommodation costs.

Regional Office Support

We facilitate the running of ICCES centres across the Ashanti region by supporting the administration of the regional office in Kumasi headed by Nana Boateng.

IT Project

Onechild Ghana is working with the Pear Tree Project to equip the regional office with IT equipment, sourcing and installing computers in ICCES centres and setting up IT training for teaching staff.

EQUIP Strategy

The Educational Quality Improvement and Innovation Project (EQUIP) is our strategy to help ICCES move forward. Technology awareness, labour market linkages and instructor training will develop small enterprise to alleviate poverty and help ICCES become self-sustainable.