July 19, 2014

What is ICCES?

What is ICCES?

ICCES stands for Integrated Community Centre for Employable Skills. There are about 75 ICCES centres throughout Ghana and 13 that Onechild Ghana works with in the Ashanti region.

ICCES centres were set up by the Ghanaian Government to combat youth unemployment, rural-urban drift and contribute to the development of micro and small-scale enterprise amongst the youth.

ICCES centres are vocational schools that teach valuable skills such as Masonry, Electricals and Dressmaking, as well as supporting students in general areas such as Maths, English and Health. ICCES students study towards their NVTI (National Vocational and Technical Institute) qualification, which after three years will enable them to enter a polytechnic after graduating from ICCES, find employment, or start their own business.

ICCES is open to anyone, typically between the ages of 14 and 24 and often attract youth who have not been able to afford traditional academic education or those who would prefer to learn a trade.

ICCES provides an essential role helping young Ghanaians step up out of the cycle of poverty they find themselves in.